If you’re around here for the first time then a huge ‘Hey’ to you. My name’s Benita and I’m a 27 year old content creator living in Chandigarh. After studying English Literature from Panjab University and deciding wanting to be a writer/photographer & content creator, I’ve decided to revamp this website to create a space where I could share with you the intricate details of everyday life and my special little somethings for you to part-take in, in hopes of being able to fulfil my life’s one purpose, to help at least one soul, with the content I create.

This blog has had a big ‘ol refresh this year and I’ve taken the time to figure out exactly what I plan to put forward. I’m so excited to bring forth all the new features, experiences and content your way. No more holding back. This is my ‘Year of Yes’ and I’m going to try to help you yearn for more than you believe you can. 

You’ll have to keep following my website, Instagram & Facebook Page to know more. Till then, I’mma zip it up and throw the key away.