I’ve shared a teeny-weeny bit of how life has changed in the last 9 years of owning this website on my About page, but it’s only right to show you how the website evolved step by step. The growth is unparalleled and life only seems to be getting better, in the whole scheme of things.

So, I’m gonna share a bit through a series of photos from my website over the past 9 years (2013 to 2022).


Vi, ( now husband, then boyfriend) bought me this domain name and insisted that if I wanted to be a writer, I should be begin blogging. This web design was by far by my favorite among the rest of the versions. It was slick, professional and just plain beautiful. I wrote so much on it, but mostly just girly blabber.


Oh Lord! Cringe!
Yes, this infamous leopard print bug had bit me and I was gaga over it.
I loved purple and Vi, sewed this love of mine into the design. What’d I write? Just more buzzfeed like posts on my everyday life. To be honest, I had no plan of action or strategy in place for this redesign. I wrote like a chicken running around with its’s head chopped off. It was a messy work of art that even I didn’t understand. And that right there, is an understatement.

2015 – 2016:

The design was minimal and simplistic. I converted the website into a space where I could publish my portfolio samples and link my novella for people to read. The simple design that Vi came up with lay focus on my writings and helped me create an imaginative world of fictitious characters based in the tea estates of Tamil Nadu – Kerala and Karnataka border lands. What a journey this period was for my mind, writing and creativity.

2017 – 2019:

In 2017, Vi gifted me my first ever DSLR and I explored photography. I loved photography and decided to give it a try. Started contacting my college fashion blogger friends, school model friends, church friends and started collaborating with them to create content for their pages. I learnt to edit photos professionally by myself and bagged some projects. Covered weddings and family photos and so I decided to turn this website into a photography portfolio of my work. Personally, I enjoyed the rush of covering weddings to the hustle and bustle of the streets with bloggers, and mostly the laughter and memories I helped create for families. I even revelled in curating flatlays for my own pleasure. The photography journey and this website was a massive blessing.

I eventually took off the photography portfolio to get back to writing and started creating some downloadable stock photos and now these photos are available on my Unsplash page.


I was honing the craft of SEO copywriting, marketing copy and sales copies to even realize that I’ve been neglecting the website. Nothing was happening. So, naturally by 2022, something started brewing within me. A storm of sorts.

I’d worked for over 7 years, and had my feet wet in experience of life, world and work. I realized, I’d been dragging on in life with the pace that was set for me, and it was time to gain back control.

So, I redesigned the website and now here it is available for you to see again in 2022. Newer and refined opinions on life, a way forward with freebies and merch in the near future.


I can only hope that you’d stick around to have fun and learn a little along the way. And this my friend, is the chronological evolution of this website you’re on right now.

What are you looking forward to? If there’s a topic – taboo or sane – feel free to ask me about it and I’ll share with you my thoughts, opinions and experience with it.