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I’m gonna preface my introduction with a fair warning.
Brace yourself – I’m neither shy nor timid, and no topic is off-limits.

Hey there, I’m Benita!

And iambenitadotcom is my little corner of the internet!

I’m the sole voice, author, curator and creator behind this website. It started as a hobby back in 2013 while I was 21 and jobless and in college doing my Bachelors. Back then, I was just trying to find myself and make this little project my home base. Now, I’ve found my voice and wanted a small plot on the internet to share with you guys.

Over the last 9 years, things have rapidly changed for me. I completed my Bachelors, and got my Masters. Then a moment after got hitched, moved closer to my folks, took in 4 kids (two flew the nest and two are about to fly off soon), learnt to cook and have come to love it, and even grew a whopping 15 kgs in weight. On the professional front, I joined the workforce, hopped 3 jobs, and finally quit this year in February to build my own business as a copywriter for small to medium businesses in the lifestyle, eCommerce and SaaS niche. You can check my business website here!

And through it all, I’ve grown so much – personally, professionally and in weight! *chuckles to myself*

I’ll run through a little more about myself. I’m a Christian, I live in Chandigarh with my husband Vivin John. He’s a software project manager, recording artist, and my partner in crime. Oh, what a boring life I’d live without him. If you’re even the teeniest bit interested to find out more about him, check his website here. My absolute favourite things in life are stationery items, movies and conversations!

Join the conversation on my little nook on the internet and share with me your journey of personal growth.

After all, you’ve got to trust the seeds you’re planting in your life and watch yourself grow.

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Chandigarh, India

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Very Berry

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